Friday, 2 December 2011

Snake charmer's slithering protest

Snake charmer's slithering protest - An angry snake charmer caused chaos at a government office when he released a bag of serpents at land revenue officials in India.

Deadly cobras were among the reptiles set free, causing widespread panic among staff at the office as they slithered through the building. snake charmer protest,

Hakkul, of Lara village in the Basti district released the vipers at a land revenue office in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. His talent with the hissing reptiles means he is known among other villagers as ‘the snake charmer’ and has reportedly saved many lives warning snakes away from villages.

"Snakes were climbing up the tables and chairs. The office was full, there were nearly 100 officials and clerks and many more visitors," local journalist Mazhar Azad told the BBC. cobra snake,

"There was total chaos for several hours. Some people started taking photos with their telephone cameras, others brought out sheets to try to cover the snakes. Some came with sticks and wanted to beat up Hakkul."

Hakkul’s peculiar form of protest came after he demanded land on which to keep his snakes.

Although his request has been approved he believes local officials are stalling the process. snake charmers poisoned protest,

The poisonous snakes were released to a room of over 100 villagers and officials as a form or revenge. Amid the confusion, Hakkul is yet to be found. No one was hurt. definition :bribery,

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