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10 Facts About Rum

10 Facts About Rum

Drink of pirates, treasure hunters and others surrounded by a romantic flair ladies ...
Rum is one of the most romantic of alcoholic beverages.

Born during the great colonial wars between Spain, Britain and France on the Caribbean islands, including pirates, buccaneers, privateers and treasure hunters, it is still considered a drink for "real men" and adventurers.
Rum is produced in Australia, the USA and even in India, but the main production of rum still concentrated in the Caribbean and South America. In the photo: floating bar in the Caribbean (the island of St. Vincent, the Grenadines).
The world-famous rum drink made ​​in the twentieth century, Ernest Hemingway, expertly describe its burning taste, aroma and bright yellow color with a golden sheen.
Punch recipe which was brought from India by British colonists, on the basis of making rum.
There are several theories about the origin of the word "rum." Perhaps a shortening of «rumbullion» (rum) - the noise, hype, because the consumption of rum is often accompanied by exactly this. And perhaps, "rum" is derived from «rum» - the name of sugar cane, from which the inhabitants of the Caribbean and got rum. According to other sources, the Dutch sailors drank rum from large glasses, called rummer, here and there the word "rum."
Rum has a lot of "nicknames" around the world: it is called "Barbados Water," "Death of Satan" and even "Blood of Nelson".
Rum was the cause of the famous "rum rebellion", which occurred January 26, 1808 in Australia. The reason it has served a ban imposed by the Australian governor for the payment of wages laborers alcohol.
At the present time, the name Roma are often based on the name of the place of origin. Roma from Spanish-speaking countries use the word «ron». The name «ron aƱejo» indicates that the well-seasoned rum. «Rhum» - the name of Roma from French-speaking countries, and «rhum vieux» - aged French rum that meets certain requirements.
George Washington demanded to bring to his inauguration in 1789, a barrel of Barbados rum.
Rum is used for soaking the fruit used in fruit cakes, but also used in marinades for some Caribbean dishes. Can also be used in preserving fruits and berries. Sailors on board were taken by the author in connection with the inability to store fresh water, which is deteriorating rapidly.

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