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Top 10 World Most Richest Heads of the State

Top 10 World Most Richest Heads of the State 

 They say that to be the head of any organization - it is hard work, but the pay is worth it. How do we demonstrate these super-rich rulers from around the world - the same is true of governments. Who said that working in the public sector have to be paid poorly?

10. Sebastian Pineiro (2.4 billion dollars)
Incredibly rich, but strangely robotic Pineyra Sebastian is in last place in our list of billionaires, with a "modest" 2.4 billion dollars in his pocket.
The head of state before participated in the management of several large companies - "Chili Apple" TV "ChiliVizhn" (100% of the shares which he owned), and "The Chilean airline" - investments in the latest and defined much of his future earnings.
In 2010, he graduated to become the executive director of an entire nation, even after he was elected its president, and in the same year the economy grew by 5.2% - possible evidence that the ability to make money also extends to the political arena?
Chile's "number one" at this point is also on the 488 position in the list of billionaires, "Forbes." If only all of his money to do something to make it less like the Terminator.
9. Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani (2.4 billion dollars)
Sheikh Hamad initially came to power, shifting from the throne of his father, in a bloodless palace coup in 1995. The Emir of Qatar represents his country during state visits and is responsible for the coordination of its development in the field of oil and natural gas. The results clearly visible on its 2.4 billion bank account. Militaristic minded emir, who studied in English Sendherstskoy Military Academy, he first served as defense minister of his country, and held this post in a program of intensive modernization of the Qatari Armed Forces. And he has three wives and 24 children. Fortunately, he has enough money to pay for child care workers!
8. Mohammed VI (2.5 billion dollars)
King Mohammed VI of Morocco acquired his billions as a financial legacy of his family, and large national stockpiles of phosphates. In the role of the ruler of their own country, he has a strong executive power, which he used to weaken the sacred aura of the monarchy, and to strengthen the position of prime minister. He also held a number of reforms aimed at making the most prone to corruption of the government more accountable to the people - though some believe that these pro-democratic measures is still lacking. Mohammed also has a very impressive bank account: according to reports, he owns a $ 2.5 billion, and has a solid suit to prove it. Some people are just born to be lucky.
7. Hans-Adam II (4 billion)
Besides the fact that he is the head of the tiny European nation of Liechtenstein, Hans-Adam II as one of the richest rulers of the world, and simply the richest ruler in Europe. In this he easily passes more famous monarchs such as Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands I, which is probably quite humiliating for them.
Despite the fact that he is the heir of a large family fortune as a member of the royal family, the man to work hard to earn their money: he not only owns the banking group «LGT», but was also put in charge of financial affairs of his family at the age of 27 years, and showed a good grasp so that today their combined family fortune exceeds $ 7 billion. In 2004, he formally handed over most of the royal powers to his son, Prince Alois. Hopefully, the guy will show the same class as his father.
6. Silvio Berlusconi ($ 9 billion)
There is a joke that the official measure for measure of political corruption called "Berlusconi." Dark machinations of (among other things, Berlusconi was accused of embezzlement, tax fraud and bribery) undoubtedly helped the Italian leaders and entrepreneurs to be ahead of the rest: not only did he officially is the fifth richest head of state in the world, but also the most long-serving leader of the Great Eight of the owner of the Italian football club, "Milan" - and that's not counting the investment company, which controls the largest Italian private companies - as well as the fact that it is constantly observed in the arms of women for decades his junior. If it is bad, then we're not sure we want to be good. See the list of sins, which includes signing legislation aimed at slowing the trial against himself, mentioning Obama as "suntanned", and a comparison with German MEP Nazi concentration camp guard, may be in its place is not worth $ 9 billion .
5. Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum ($ 12 billion)
Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, is perhaps surprisingly low position in the list. In 2009 "Forbes" estimated his fortune at 12 billion, but the ruler of Dubai, the playground of billionaires apparently was richer, and the state exceed 18 billion. However, when the recession hit late 2000s, Sheikh lost a lot of money, and when the markets have fallen even had to ask for help to neighboring Abu Dhabi. Through an investment company «Dubai World», Al Maktoum has control over many corporations, such as port operator «DP World Ltd» and development company «Nakheel Properties», the latter of which helps to create a landscape of Dubai, including the famous archipelago of artificial "Palm Dzhameyra" . His official website calls him a "leader", "Riding the rider," and "poet." We would add to this list "stunningly rich Sheik."
4. Khalifa bin Zayad al Nahyan ($ 15 billion)
President of the United Arab Emirates and the Emir of Abu Dhabi takes its impressive combination of state investment in real estate, estate, and oil. Due to ill health of his father, he was forced to serve as president even before the formal adoption of the post in 2004. It is widely raspiaren as a pro-Western modernizer United States, but also described as "aloof and neharizmatichny" (according to the correspondence, published on Wikileaks). See, this is also the head of state is the third richest monarch of the world, with a combined state of over $ 15 billion. Who needs charisma when he has something similar?
3. Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz al Saud ($ 18 billion)
The current King of Saudi Arabia - not exactly the king of this list, speaking only a third number. However, with an impressive family fortune of 18 billion dollars behind - built on an unprecedented oil reserves in the country - it does not represent the poorest of his representative. Former Chief of National Guard of Saudi Arabia has always been a close relationship with the United States, causing frequent state visits to their presidents, and expressing support for George Bush Jr. on the second anniversary of September 11. It seems he is also a big fan of the current American president, saying, "Glory to God for what he brought Obama to power," according to private correspondence, published by Wikileaks.
2. Hassan al Bolkayya ($ 20 billion)
Sultan of Brunei stands second in our list with a personal fortune of 20 billion dollars. With a wealth based on extensive reserves of oil and natural gas in his country, he has behind him the dynasty, which is perhaps the oldest of the existing on the planet. Absolute monarch uses its untold wealth to provide the citizens of his country's complete lack of income tax, free education, universal health care and - making it a true national health service in one person.
1. Bumibol Adulyadesh ($ 30 billion)
With a fortune of 30 billion dollars in 2009, King Bumibol Adulyadesh - the richest head of state on the planet. The King of Thailand revered as demigods in their own country - where it is actually "untouchable", and any criticism directed at him, can lead to prolonged confinement in prison. King's personal fortune is impressive: he owns a large stake in several private companies - including «Sammakorn», «SCG», and «Thai Insurance PLC» - and also has extensive land tenure (although the government ranks emphasize that the latter is not taken into account in calculating his personal wealth). In 2008 "Forbes" estimated personal fortune Adulyadesha $ 35 billion, but the fall in the real estate market and the shares dropped that number to 5 billion over the next year. Proof that the king returns a portion of the love he gets from his people are his donations to various Thai development projects in various fields - from agriculture and public health to water and social security. You see, not only did he take it.

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