Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Painted Cats

Cat crazy paint colors - trendy entertainment for the rich and eccentric Americans. Work on the color of a cat costs about $ 15,000 and must be repeated every three months. But the results obtained funny. A selection of photos of colored cats went long on the network, causing the most controversy and different responses - from indignation to tenderness. Perhaps it is an art in Russia to settle down - you just imagine for a moment that you came to visit, took on his chest, and suddenly the room is a .

If you do not like the color of your cat, just paint it.
This bold proposal was put forward by Burton Silver and Heather Bush in their book, "Why paint cats: the ethics of feline aesthetics", released in 2002. It should be noted that among the hundreds of thousands of opponents of the idea and those fighting against cruelty to animals and there were those who relished the idea.

The authors themselves several years later admitted that in this book, as in the previously released in 1994, "Why cats paint: a theory of aesthetics cat", all pictures were tampered with by computer processing, and description of the painting, the quality of materials and the cost was coined from the head. Artists painted not cats, and their photos.
So Silver and Bush proved in practice that "describing a nonexistent phenomenon, you give him life" (after all, some craftsmen were actually paint the cats) and earned $ 50 million in sales of the scandalous publication.

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