Monday, 31 October 2011

The Most Expensive Paintings in the World

The Top 20 Most Expensive Paintings in the World

Rating of the most expensive paintings of the world - a regularly updated list of works of art sold at art auctions in the twentieth and twenty-first century.
Of course, assess the market value of the world's masterpieces would be sacrilege, and the rating is based only on the results of an auction, so the most famous paintings of the world, belonging to the state museums in the list were not included.
One of the most iconic works of world art, painted by Leonardo da Vinci's painting "Mona Lisa" in the Guinness Book of Records listed as the insured to the highest total picture.
December 14, 1962, prior to the exhibition in the United States, the insurance on the picture was valued at $ 100 million. Louvre chose to spend money on security rather than insurance. If we take inflation into account, the insurance in 2006 would correspond to 670 million dollars.
The fact that this masterpiece was recognized as the most expensive - is to be expected, but here are some other pictures, which turned into the most expensive, able to surprise you.
Jackson Pollock - No. 5 (1948)
Sold for $ 140 million in 2006
Willem de Kooning - Woman III (1953)
Sold for 137.5 million dollars in 2006
Gustav Klimt - Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I (1907)
Sold for $ 135 million in 2006
Pablo Picasso - Boy with a Pipe (1905)
Sold for 104.1 million dollars in 2004
Pablo Picasso - Dora Maar with Cat (1941)
Sold for 95.2 million dollars in 2006
Gustav Klimt - Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer II (1912)
Sold for 87.9 million dollars in 2006
Francis Bacon - Triptych (1976)
Sold for 86.3 million dollars in 2008
Vincent van Gogh - Portrait of Dr. Gachet (1890)
Sold for 82.5 million dollars in 1990
Claude Monet - Pond with water lilies (1919)
Sold for 80.5 million dollars in 2008
Jasper Johns - False start (1959)
Sold for $ 80 million in 2008
Per Ogûst Renuar - Bal v Moulin de la Galette (1876)
Sold for $ 78.1 million. dollarov v 1990 godu
Peter Paul Rubens - Massacre of the Innocents (1609-1611)
Sold for 76.8 million dollars in 2002
Mark Rothko - White Center (1950)
Sold for 72.8 million dollars in 2007
Andy Warhol - Green car crash (1963)
Sold for 71.7 million dollars in 2007
Vincent van Gogh - Portrait of the Artist without Beard (1889)
Sold for 71.5 million dollars in 1998
Willem de Kooning - Police Gazette (1955)
Sold for 63.5 million dollars in 2006
Paul Cezanne - Still Life with Jug and drapery (1893-1894)
Sold for 60.2 million dollars in 1999
Kazimir Malevich - Suprematist Composition (1916)
Sold for $ 60 million in 2008
Vincent van Gogh - Wheat Field with Cypresses (1916)
Sold for 57 million dollars in 1993
Pablo Picasso - Woman with arms crossed (1901-1902)
Sold for $ 55 million in 2000

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