Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The State Academic Bolshoi

The State Academic Bolshoi

October 28 after a six-year restoration of the Bolshoi Theatre opens.
By modern standards the theater on a volume of space for the viewer should have to the amount of space for four troupes including barns, mechanics, warehouse and dressing room. Before closing, the ratio was 1:1. Now Big fully meet these requirements.
The auditorium can accommodate the main stage in 1768 people. Before restoration 2100.

In the first years after the opening of the restored Albert Kavos Bolshoi Theater room lit by candles and oil lamps. In order to light oil lamps chandeliers of the hall, lifted her up in a special room.
In 1863, this chandelier was replaced with a new one with 408 gas jets. According to eyewitnesses glass lamps lighting the gas is heated to such an extent that sometimes burst and debris falling on the heads of the spectators.
After 30 years at the Bolshoi comes electricity. Interestingly, for electric lighting Large and Small theaters in the early 1890s, was built by a separate power plant in one of the rooms of the building of the Maly Theatre. In connection with this development gaselier auditorium rework under electric lights. As such, it remains to this day.

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