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Carved Pumpkins for Halloween 2011

Carved Pumpkins for Halloween 2011

Carved pumpkins - it's the best part of Halloween celebrations. In this time of year everyone loves to cut out a pumpkin, it's really fun because it gets scary or different pretty faces. Carved pumpkins in the U.S. were first associated with the end of the harvest, before they became an emblem of Halloween. Chose this vegetable because jack-o'-lantern is similar to the strange lights flickering in peat bogs.

1. Artist Russ Leno of Sleepy Valley shows a master class on carving a pumpkin at 330 pound in Redmond, Microsoft, Washington, October 27. Leno has been hired by Microsoft, to carve jack-o'-lantern, which will be auctioned in the company to raise money for charity before Halloween. The giant pumpkin was grown on a farm in Washington. Leno also plans to cut the pumpkin in the form of Vice President Al Gore in Washington this weekend.
2. Gina Cipriani demonstrates pumpkin carved in the form of former U.S. presidents in Philadelphia
3. Two students carve a pumpkin in the shape of a dragon ship and during exercise in culinary school in Hefei, east China's Anhui Province
4. U.S. Senator Edward Kennedy (left) cuts a pumpkin for Halloween, an American Congressman Martin Mihanom (right) during their visit to the University of Massachusetts Lowell,
5. Carved pumpkins during the annual festival Naked pumpkin in Boulder, Colorado, on Halloween night. Every Halloween naked people with pumpkins on their heads run through the streets of Boulder.
6. Jia Martin paddle on her boat, the "Pink Pig" from the giant carved pumpkins during the regatta Pumpkinboat Damariscotta, Maine, Regatta consists of competitions in the boats of two classes: those that are controlled by a paddle and a "super-modified" in which used small outboard motors.
7. Snow monkey playing with a carved pumpkin to the Central Zoo in New York
8. Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama during his campaign in front of carved pumpkins at a campaign rally in Columbia, Missouri,
9. Belgian artist Michel Dirchen sits in a pumpkin in the process of cutting. He tried to create the largest Halloween pumpkin in the world in Brussels on. Pumpkin weighs about 289 pounds and has a rim size of 334 cm.
10. Perch, yellowtail swims near a diver, who cuts a lantern from a pumpkin with holes in the form of eye, nose and mouth under water in the National Marine Sanctuary Florida Keys Key Largo, Florida,  during an underwater pumpkin carving contest.
11. Divers Gareth Calvert (left) and Jamie Oliver posing with pumpkins after the competition, in the ocean. Pumpkins were exhibited at the London Aquarium.
12. Participants show off their creations in the contest thread underwater pumpkin for Halloween. The competition organizers and judges evaluated the underwater Jackie-Lanterns on the unique and creative execution.

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