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Most Spiny Animals in the World

Most Spiny Animals in the World

Needle instead of the usual wool cover - not just amazing, "built in" defense mechanism, but also, in some cases, a dangerous weapon), then selection of the 5 most dangerous animals in the world of prickly
Through impassable thorny cover virtually impossible to get to the weaknesses and areas of the body neukrytye needles are usually closely guarded (like a hedgehog in the form of risk is minimized in a ball). The list includes the brightest and most dangerous representatives of prickly flora =)

So, on the 5th place settled Australian echidna, whose defensive weapons to maim and kill anyone close to her
Australian echidna lives, oddly enough, in Australia)) is sheltered needles mammal the size of a rabbit is of two kinds: short-and long nose
If you disturb the viper during the meal, she bury in the ground, and outside there will be only a small forest of needles - in this position the animal will remain until the offender of his personal space does not go away. In addition, the echidna can roll up into a ball like a small prickly animal familiar to us - a hedgehog, a venomous viper hidden in a needle, even in its claws. Results on the body of a mammal over 5000 needles, so this is an ideal defensive weapon!
Echidna are so popular in Australia, even vychekanena on an Australian coin)
4 lines to fish, porcupine or sea urchin, whose deadly needle in the normal state calmly lie along the body. But is it worth the Sea hedgehog smell danger, as he draws a sharp huge amount of water and / or air, and straighten the needle fish turns into a huge spiky ball. Do not be lucky somebody to swallow such a surprise =)
How did this small fish can prodelyvat this transformation? The matter in the stomach of the sea urchin: Heavy wall allow it to expand in time nekolko pull-water, and other internal organs during this process are the arc along the spine. That is the critical tension of the skin allows the needle to stretch at attention and make the fish unfit for human food)
Another "underwater," the owner of thorns - spiny box fish, do not know the Russian name, but something like prickly box) Unlike the sea urchin, the spines of this fish are constantly fighting in the state, although it may grow in size, as well as the porcupine fish, swallowing the water, but in this case, it becomes like a ball not on, but rather on the pumpkin)
On the 3rd place - armed with a sharp armor armadillo lizard that lives in Madagascar. Arms of the reptiles are the sharp hard plate protects the body armor
Armadillo lizard uses its spines in two ways: spines on the tail perfectly suited to defend the entrance to the burrow in quiet times, and in times of danger lizard tail puts in his mouth, turning so prickly at the wheel, which is ingested without harm to themselves it is simply impossible
2nd place is deceptively elegant lion's ruff-scorpion, whose 18 red and white hollow spines are actually poisonous fins iglopodobnymi is injected under the skin of poison hapless victim
If a person is cut to a needle here, it will be at least very painful, and in some cases, the "touch" can be fatal
Because of its painful and deadly weapons, this fish is usually behaves quite brazen and few people are afraid to do, swimming slowly and naturally)
Well, at one point, as many have already guessed, is porcupine, known primarily for its long thick needles, lean back
If there is danger of porcupine needles and straightens his tail begins to shake, making grinding sounds, something resembling a snake hissing
If this warning was ignored, porcupine needles produces all of its right in the face with the attacker, and whether it is even a hyena, lion though - they are in any case have to step back and very lucky if they survive at all after such a poisonous acupuncture)

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