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Facts About Coffee and Health

Facts About Coffee and Health 
 Coffee is amazing in taste, but do you know about what effect this has on drink your health? Scientists argue that coffee has a huge impact on your health - both positive and negative. More about this talk Dr Rob van Dam, a professor at Harvard School of Public Health and associate professor Yong Loo Lin University, Singapore. Thus, the myths and the truth about the coffee.

1. Coffee can cause increased pressure. TRUTH. Caffeine causes a pressure increase. Although a direct link between prolonged use of coffee and hypertension, scientists have not established, but doctors advise prone to high blood pressure people to drink coffee beskofeinovy​​.
2. Coffee can raise cholesterol levels. TRUTH. As coffee contains a substance called kafestol, which is responsible for raising cholesterol levels. Instant coffee contains minimal dose kafestola, and all other kinds of coffee, including coffee, prepared by Turkish, Greek, Scandinavian contains a very high percentage kafestola. Therefore, this coffee raises cholesterol levels and can lead to heart attack.
3. Coffee helps overcome depression. TRUTH. Studies have shown that regular coffee consumption reduces the risk of depression in women.
4. Coffee can cause a miscarriage. TRUTH. Regular coffee consumption during pregnancy can cause miscarriage. Caffeine readily crosses the placenta, and it is very harmful to the fetus. During pregnancy, doctors recommend that women drink no more than one cup of coffee a day.
5. As coffee contains a lot of calories. Myth that coffee is almost no calories if. Of course, you drink plain black coffee with no additives. If the coffee with milk, cream, sugar or other additives, then there can be contained up to 510 calories - which is about a quarter of the norm of healthy adult human per day.
6. Coffee can cause disease in diabetes. MYTH. People who regularly drink coffee, significantly reduces the risk of diabetes of the second type. In this case, no matter what kind of coffee drink, with or without caffeine. scientists believe is responsible for it or chlorogenic acid trigonnelin contained in coffee.
7. Coffee can cause Parkinson's disease. MYTH. Studies have shown that men who consume coffee, significantly reduces the risk of this disease. Caffeine prevents the death of nerve cells that produce dopamine, a substance. With regard to women - the positive effect was observed only in those who did not take hormones.
8. Coffee harms the liver. MYTH. Recent studies have confirmed that coffee reduces the risk of cirrhosis and liver cancer, although a clear explanation of this fact, scientists still can not provide. In addition, information was not confirmed that the coffee can trigger cancer of other organs.
9. Coffee prevents gout. TRUTH. Recent studies have confirmed that consumption of coffee, caffeinated or not, reduces the risk of gout, and in addition, lowers levels of uric acid in the body.

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