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Incredible Revelations of Obvious Errors

Incredible Revelations of Obvious Errors

Humanity throughout its history, has lived in the power of myths and misconceptions.The Earth is flat and stands on three elephants. Men can wear her hair like "tail." Tatiana Ovsienko - singer. Want more examples? Read our collection of axioms and theories that are looking forward to, but when they repudiated.

Myth number 1

Women love surprises

FACT: They love to look forward to many more. If you decide to take away the girl out of town for the weekend in a romantic trip, do not be silent as a partisan to the last. Otherwise, you deprive it of joyful expectation trip. Feel free to discuss the details of the party, which you have decided to arrange for her birthday. "So you show her that this day is important to you, and this, in turn, is important for women," - says family counselor Laurie Poon. If you can not live without surprises, at least hint a friend about his plans. And then, if you classify the preparations for the anniversary is not worse than the Americans - the project "Manhattan", the girl may think that you just forgot the date. Get ready - for the festive day she accumulated so much bad mood, that will not help even diamond earrings as a gift.

Myth number 2

Do unto others as you want to do to you

FACT: On paper, this - the golden rule, which in one form or another tell all the world religions. But in practice it works poorly. "Not all are like you, and what suits you may not like the other" - continues to discover America McKee. Best use of the golden law of business: Give others what they want. When just starting to meet with a woman, keep yourself in check - for example, avoid the extremes of jokes (for example, about sex). It is better to ask her in the evening after work, as the day passed. And then let her share sore. Girls melt from the attentive companions.

Myth number 3

Work hard on their relationship as if it were a job

FACT: Where does the work in your list of favorite activities? If you like eating dinner at a business meeting, and on the anniversary of the wedding you as much fun as the evaluation meeting of the company, it's time to think about the dismissal. This does not mean you should exclude from your relationship any hint of a joint activity - can in good conscience to generate ideas for your holidays in a family brainstorming session, but you must get a lot of positive from the process. "People who love each other - close friends," - said the sensational news Psychologist Michael Mackey.

Myth number 4

If to me that something is wrong, the doctor must tell about it

FACT: The doctor is engaged in only one complaint, from which you came to him - for a complete study of your body, to find the root causes of the disease it does not have the time. The doctor does not have the complete history of your health - the test results are scattered in many hospitals and clinics that you attended in the last 30 years. "And yet it happens: the doctor would be worth to advise the 25-year guy does not pitch in fast food, but he did not have enough time to talk about the lifestyle," - explains Brian Morris of the University of California. Bring your own health history (take-up tests and photos, wherever you may be doing them), try to choose a decent therapist and keep it for years, well, ask at each visit to the pressure, when you need to come in next time.

Myth number 5

Buying a dacha - a value for money

FACT: Yes, if you the best dividend - a young potatoes, cucumbers and tomatoes. Lots of houses near the city are no less than a nice apartment in the center, contain suburban real estate is more expensive than the city, you'll go there three or four months a year (well, the climate we have this, do that). And if what you sell giving exactly twice cheaper than buying - because demand does not grow, and offer all the growing and expanding. If you really like the way a country vacation, rented a dacha for the summer - a serious save.

Myth number 6

Do not play at give-away with your child

FACT: "Do you think that you must carefully temper their child before he will meet with the cruel world alone," - says psychologist Lawrence Cohen, author of "educated effortlessly." But you're wrong. Otherwise, the most successful people were born in families of alcoholics would be sadistic. Your task as a father - to bring up the child self-confidence. While he was little, let alone doing that wins. If he pushes, fall and give up. When the child is older, play with it at half strength and only when you will feel that "gets in the chick wing," offered him a face off for real. Such honesty will love him, and then before you know it, and without any giveaway nachet lay you on the shoulder.

Myth number 7

Dry spoil things

FACT: Just do not abuse it. Coats can be cleaned once a year, a suit that you wear regularly to work - every three months. True, if the clothing appeared spot, no need to wait for a scheduled cleaning, as soon as possible, consult a professional - or dirt vestsya into the fabric. Be sure to tell the dry cleaners, what exactly do you dirty, because different types of stains are removed in different ways.

Myth number 8

Whether his mentor, and not the other

FACT: If the child and both of them, most importantly - choose a time when we need to change tack. If the young scapegrace shaved your neighbor's electric razor Labrador, it will be punished - you need to know the limits of what is permitted. But if he had committed less serious misconduct, you can instead of a strict father and a loving forgiving turn or make a joke at all. That's how winning children's trust. He will be frank with you simply because they understand: you can not begin to rage, like a tsunami in the region of Fukushima, for any little thing.

Myth number 9

She likes your vulnerability

FACT: Men do not cry, men upset. It is worth to you weep, and a friend not a little alarmed. "A woman attracted to a man confidence. She wants you to be strong, "- says the author of" Secrets of a happy zhenivshihsya Men "Scott Haltsman. But not necessarily be a stone idol, allowed himself to show her some of his emotions. "I do not like something," "I was annoyed" - ok, only without the theater sobbing or fairground gaiety.

Myth number 10

Long cardio is useless

FACT: Despite the fact that interval running burns more calories, slow jogging should still remain a part of your training. "Running at a measured pace increases the endurance of the heart muscle, and this positively affects the physical form as a whole", - says Bill Hartman Center of Fitness and Sports Training in Indianapolis. Frequency of training - an interval jog for 10 unhurried. The closer the day when you would like to be in optimal shape, the more intervalok may be in your schedule.

Myth number 11

With any indisposition should immediately go to the doctor

FACT: If all the people in your city appealed to the clinic whenever they flowed from his nose, turn to therapists stretched for a couple of years. Quite often enough one day to sit at home, and everything goes by itself. However, there is a list of symptoms that the doctor must seek mandatory. This is a pain (especially in the chest), shortness of breath, problems with appetite, thirst, fever, blood in urine and stool. Another is to watch for moles. If they start to change shape or grow - it's also an excuse to go to the doctor.

Myth number 12

Be persistent in communicating with potential employers

FACT: That is, unless you like your employer and you do not take the job for one reason - the company really do not have a suitable vacancy. You say this directly, so that tinkled once a month, remind yourself about. However, if you otshivayut phrase like: "We put your resume into the database and contact you if we have a place for you" - forget about this office. Otherwise you look like a man who, desperate to beat his head against the wall and thus interfere with sleep neighbors.

Myth number 13

The child snapped - must be punished

FACT: Not true. If the baby snaps, so he is not afraid of you, but it's not so bad. In addition, children often do not talk back because they want to humiliate you (ha ha), but because at this moment are confused and do not know how to behave. Just do not give in to provocation and did not answer rude. "Children are instantly calmed when their behavior causes no response", - says Anthony Wolf, author of "Get out of my life, but first take me and Cheryl to the store."

Myth number 14

The company cares about your development

FACT: Yes, if you own and develop - help the company. Or this: you are sent to training courses, because you simply can not cope with their responsibilities. Carefully learn the bosses motivated this mission. And if you were asked to coach a new employee can become agitated and: what if you replace the coach himself?

Myth number 15

If the work is no dress code, go into whatever you want

FACT: "In the barn reads" yokes, "and there are wood. Do not believe everything they tell you "- explains Shapiro. Dress as successful colleagues. Then you will take for you and your soon to voleshsya team.

Myth number 16

Do not worry, it's a useful fat

FACT: MH is very fond of fat, which are rich in nuts and vegetable oil. They must be included in the diet. But it's still fat, so that their consumption also should be dosed. In a handful of almonds contains 160 calories, and a teaspoon of olive oil - 120. He ate two bowls of delicious salad with olive oil - you see, and chose all the daily calories.

Myth number 17

The girl can just be friends and still have sex

FACT: It is possible, but bear in mind one thing. When a girl gets sexual pleasure from her brain like a sponge saturated with the hormone oxytocin, which increases the attraction to the partner. "That's why most women can not have sex and not tied to a man" - says the author of "Book of Love" Laura Berman. So, this axiom is: "The girl can be friends and have sex - but bad that she did not like." You want it?

Myth number 18

Consider each repeat in the hall

FACT: You can not always train with the same intensity - as well as all the time to drive a car at high speeds. "We need to find the right balance between exercise and rest, otherwise it will spoil," - says Hartman. Plan your month as follows: first week - preparation, low load, the second - the load increases, the third week - peak load, the fourth week - the restoration. You can alternate the exercises, but do not change the schema, and then every third week you will easily pass for a lot of weight. Every 3-4 months do week break, so the body can relax.

Myth number 19

Tell the truth about the previous job on the interview

FACT: The harmful myth. "Your career path should try to present the most favorable light, even if you are sitting in prison, although it can not hide" - advises Shapiro. Most companies do not disclose the reasons for which they are laid off staff, so the interview you can safely say that he had been made redundant. And always tell him that in a previous job you have received invaluable experience, and you had an excellent colleague. This is the easiest way to impress an easy and outgoing person who does not wash dirty linen in public. Personnel officers adore these candidates.

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