Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Portraits of Occupy Wall Street Protesters

Portraits of Occupy Wall Street Protesters
Despite living in New York City, the photographer hadn't visited the site of the protest until October 11, 2011. What he found was people, young and old, from all walks of life who had gathered to be heard. He invited these activists into a portable studio he had set up to take formal portraits without any distractions. McShane's photo series, entitled "The Occupiers," is a collection of these portraits from his visit on October 11th and 14th.
1. Phaedrus, 40, From Pennsylvania, and Demetrius, 33, From The Bronx
2. Joe, 50, and his son Nicholas
3. Daniel, 21, From Brooklyn. Daniel is expecting a child in a few months. He is at OWS because he wants to be able to provide better when the child comes.
4. Yossi, 19, From London, UK
5. Reverend Ralph, 45, From Queens, New York
6. Nathan, 34, From Vermont, Lives In New York City. He is an attourney but cannot find work.
7. Michael, 24, from Maryland, living in Astoria, Queens.
8. Dia, 21, From North Carolina

9. Ethan, 78, From Lansing, Michigan.
10. Heidi, From New York City, Subway Busker
11. Bri, 26 From Detroit, and Kevin, 25, From St. Louis, Missouri
12. Johnny Sagan, 31, From Brooklyn, Art Gallerist.
13. Rebecca, 63, From San Francisco, California
14. Tom, From Hastings, Michigan
15. Guy, 18, From New York. He has been at The Occupation since day one.
16. Fetzer Mills, 51, From Waitsboro, North Carolina. Military Veteran, Arabic Linguist.
17. Travis, 32, From San Francisco, California
18. Chris, 47, From New York. Chris is handing out these purple headbands that represent all the colors of the American Flag when they are mixed together.

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