Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Museum of the Air Force under the open sky

Museum of the Air Force under the open sky,Aviation Museum at Monino

Air Force Museum in Monino almost entirely located in the open. It is a huge field that in apparent disorder placed numerous aircraft. 90% of them - the Soviet and Russian aircraft production, and most of the aircraft - the modern ones. There are a few storm troopers of the Second World War, there are several American planes, but they are lost. In general, the most interesting exhibits are:

All aircraft Su and MiG series, fighters from the Korean War to the modern Su-37 and Mig-29.
Strategic bombers - huge military aircraft, intended for delivery of missiles (including nuclear) bombs and long-distance (including on other continents), the most interesting experimental aircraft T-4.
Bomb - the size of a bomb strikes inside its shell, it seems, could fit people.
U.S. drone aircraft and amphibious aircraft.
Helicopters - the military, and transportation. A wide number of models, however, the Ka-52 "Black Shark" is not here.
Transport planes - apart from the main part of the museum and in a rather neglected. Among others - the AN-22 "Antaeus."
Transport helicopter Mi-12 with two screws on the wings - the size is not inferior to the cargo plane, carrying capacity and had about 6 tons. Located at the entrance.
Aircraft, placed in the yard Air Force Museum, make a lasting impression. They are worth studying for a long time, to look into the nozzle and the bomb hatches, to read signs with tactical and technical characteristics.

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